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Hi, I've noticed a number of pages being added to the wiki as part of a hypertext project that you are helping to create. I just wanted to let you know that, for now, I'm moving these pages to the Sandbox. The UBC Wiki is a university wide wiki and thus it needs to be organized in a manner that promotes university wide collaboration while preserving the ability for projects such as this. It seems that the hypertext projects are ending up in the root, or Main Space, of the wiki. This namespace is primarily a shared community space and articles in this section should be encyclopedic in nature, appeal to a broad audience, and be reflective of UBC. Articles in the main space should start with an introductory sentence describing what the page is about as this space is syndicated. Creating a page with a title such as "Adventure" or "My reflection" is to vague because it is not easy to understand what the page is about and how to add other users can add information to it. For instance, in the adventure page, can other users add information about UBC sponsored trips, etc? In the mainspace, everyone would be encouraged to edit the adventure page.

To avoid this confusion, I recommend using either the Sandbox space or the Course space (if this is a course related project) and organizing your hypertext with subpages. For example , if the adventure page was called Sandbox:Hypertext 541/Adventure, it would be easy to understand that the adventure page was part of a hypertext project. Furthermore, pages in the Sandbox or Course space (but not the Mainspace) can be structured hierarchically using subpages. The wiki will automatically add navigation links between child and parent pages which will make it easier for your readers to navigate.

A couple of help pages you might find useful are:

Please let me know if this makes sense or if I can provide further info or help out with anything.


17:17, 20 March 2012