styling mathematics

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Hi David, thanks for these tips. I try to follow them when I write solutions/questions by myself, but typically I'm too lazy to correct other peoples' formatting. I think it's a minor issue, we focus on reviewing content quickly, and adding many more solutions. But you are right, when I see stuff like that I should correct it right away.

I like your tips for the students! They are very valuable. However, they are also pretty long :) Can you somehow shade them or use a smaller font or something. Just so that the page looks less crowded? If you know what I mean?

Also, maybe for now while we didn't advertise for it yet, could you maybe show the tags on the question page? To make reviewing that easier.

Talk to you soon. Keep up the good work!

Konradbe21:12, 11 March 2012

I'll work on reducing the study tips somehow, I think a smaller font could work and maybe a shade of grey is a good idea too. Thanks for the feedback.

As for the tags, to have them visible would mean to make a modification to each of them when they are created, if we create a few dozens of them, it will be annoying to edit all that. And the result would be to have them at the very bottom of the page. I feel like hitting the edit button is by far our easiest way for the moment.

Let's focus on questions, hints and solutions for the rest of the week, we'll see when we have the group meeting what others feel about this. Maybe we can streamline the process there.

David Kohler21:31, 11 March 2012