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Hi, I just noticed that you overwrote the main documentation page and I wanted to let you know that I undid it. Just an fyi, If you ever overwrite a page by mistake, you can go to the history tab on any page and click on "undo" on the newest revision to reverse it.

Please let em know if I can help you with anything.


06:27, 4 April 2011

Hi, can you please tell me how to upload my file into wiki page, I am really confused. It doesn't tranfer my essay in the same format when I copy and paste.

06:30, 4 April 2011

It is a Word file that you are trying to copy and paste? Word files, unfortunately, do not transfer easily to the wiki. The wiki uses a mark-up language to control format (basically a simplified version of html) that word does not export to by default.

The page has some tips and plug-ins that might help: Help:Converting_Documents_into_Wiki_Syntax.

If those don't do the trick, it is recommended that you copy/paste the text and format it with the help with the wiki toolbar (see:Help:Formatting_Toolbar)

Good luck!

06:43, 4 April 2011