How are we doing?

How are we doing?

This portal was created after ISW coordinators and facilitators expressed a desire for a new improved resource cabinet. They said they wanted:

Up-to Date Scholarly Resources on ISW Topics

  • easy access to up-to-date articles on ISW topics (for themselves and to refer participants to)
  • ISW-related topics broken down by category
  • to have "theory" and "practice" resources on ISW topics
  • a "review article" or summary on major ISW topics
  • reference lists by author

Downloadable ISW Materials

  • feedback forms
  • handbook (note: this is restricted by copyright)
  • lesson plans from other facilitators

Facilitator-Generated Content

  • lesson plans and other materials
  • tips and tricks from experienced facilitators


  • contact list of people for role-modeling and observation

We know there's plenty of work left to do, but how are we doing so far? We can't create all the content (that's your job), but we can support your content-creation and organize the portal so that it helps you do your job better! Feel free to respond in your best formative eval. style ;)...

1. The best part of this portal for me was... because...

2. If I had the chance to redesign this portal, I would... (note: technically, you do have the chance!)

3. I also wanted to say/observe/sugest...

LydiaJones21:24, 26 May 2011