Thoughts and Advice!

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Thoughts and Advice!

This is a really cool topic you're investigating. You could also add to the residential schools section that many had their culture stripped from them. In the book we read in this class The Kiss of the Fur Queen, Highway references the cutting of hair for Jeremiah and Gabriel. Other things like sexual assault happened at the schools too. I find this website to be great in its research and content:

As well since you focus more on the representation of Indigenous people through the politics of energy and resources, I highly suggest as you are putting the last part of your wiki together to take a look at the Idle No More movement: as well as the work of Leanne Simpson: Simpson has some great youtube videos and poems about extractivism and the representation as well as view of Indigenous peoples as resources (their land, their cultures, and ultimate the people).

Hope this helps!!

XiYuanPang (talk)02:42, 29 November 2018