Hello, I found your topic regarding aging and masculinity very interesting. I never considered the way masculinity would be interpreted when men grew older. Of course there are extreme examples of elderly men who still push themselves in order to comply with traits of hegemonic masculinity, but what happens to those that simply grow older? I liked how you touched on the idea of anti-aging cream and how that ties into the notion of reducing the evidence of aging as a way of maintaining their masculinity. However, when reading your wiki, I wanted to know more about the concept of aging masculinity. Most of us are aware of the traits that define hegemonic masculinity in general, but I was wondering if there might be a shift in perception of masculinity when portrayed through an elderly man. Are there different traits that elderly men are expected to uphold and are there some that they are able to disregard, due to their old age?

TszLongWong (talk)21:37, 26 July 2019