I believe these may be all real examples. Consider including links to actual items in OC. Sometimes folks like a visual http://hdl.handle.net/2429/32487

Tkstephe (talk)20:39, 7 November 2022

Yes that would be good! I can look up each example in OC. Regarding where/how to link - would it just be best/least messy to hyperlink the example file names?

I think the Lorenz Yeung example is currently linked to the pdf file itself - should I replace that with the OC link for consistency or leave as is?

ClaireSwanson (talk)21:58, 7 November 2022

Can we just add "See example http://hdl.handle.net/2429/32487" underneath each example?

Tkstephe (talk)00:07, 11 November 2022

I attempted to add a couple but I'm actually not sure now that it adds much. Feel free to remove if you don't lik eit.

Tkstephe (talk)23:43, 8 December 2022

I removed the external links to OC records - the links are not very helpful because most of our wiki examples for file names do not match the actual file names in cIRcle.

ClaireSwanson (talk)18:26, 9 January 2023

thread done

ClaireSwanson (talk)19:05, 18 January 2023