June 2018 CDI Cohort: Virtual Introduction

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Hello all members of the June CDI!

Because we often miss the opportunity to get to know everyone in the large group, please take advantage of this wiki discussion to share some information about yourself with your fellow participants. How you introduce yourself is up to you, but you should state your name and you may wish to touch on some of the points below:

  • What are you teaching? What interests you about your disciplinary area?
  • What are some of your expectations of the CDI? Why have you decided to take the CDI?
  • A fun fact about you!

To post your introduction, hit "reply" to this thread (and be sure you are logged in; find the login button on the top left of the page)

(Please note that the wiki is a public platform and anything you write here is publicly accessible, so you probably don't want to write anything deeply personal. We will delete these wiki introductions after the program wraps up.)

04:19, 8 June 2018

Welcome to the June cohort! I'm Sue Hampton, one of the facilitators for the CDI, and an educational consultant at CTLT. I look forward to working with you during this CDI. My background is in the field of education, with my early years as an English language instructor with young children, before I moved into the area of adult education and transformative education while working in the international and community development context. I've taught courses on reseach methods in education, inquiry-based seminar classes, and been involved in program planning within higher education for many years. Fun fact: I am getting ready to go camping this weekend for the first time this year (and contemplating this while staring at these dark rain clouds) eek!

18:06, 8 June 2018

Hi everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all in person on Monday! My name is Áurea Vericat, I was born in Mexico City and I am a Ph.D. student in the Cross-Faculty Interdisciplinary Program in the Faculty of Education. I am also an early childhood educator trained under the Montessori method. Though my teaching experience has mainly been with young children, my doctoral work focusses on Professional Development for early childhood educators so I've had some teaching experiences with adults too. I've also been teaching for two years the course of "Designing High-Quality Environments in Early Childhood Education" for a cohort of international undergraduate students as part of UBC's Vancouver Summer Program. The experience of working with these students has been both great and challenging so I know there is room for improvement! For instance, instead of banning the use of mobiles phones in the classroom, how can those used as part of their learning experience? How can their challenges as ESLs be supported? How to encourage group discussion and break up with the traditional "lecturer" style? By the way, English speakers often have a hard time pronouncing my name so I usually advise them to try howling like a wolf pup, for those who've dared it works so feel free to howl when we meet!

18:00, 14 June 2018

My name is Joanne Turner and I have been an Adjunct Professor at the Sauder School of Business since September 2017. I teach Social & Nonprofit Marketing, Building Brands With Purpose and Community Business Projects to Commerce, Masters of Leadership & Masters of Management students. My background is with international advertising agencies working on national brands like Coke, Nestle & General Mills in Toronto, Sydney (Australia) and Vancouver. Ten years ago, I started my own brand strategy consultancy and focus on brands that are making a positive impact in the world within the areas of healthcare, the arts, education and sustainability.

I am very interested in teaching and designing courses to achieve maximum student engagement and desired learning outcomes. Teaching is a whole new, exciting and challenging world for me!

A fun fact about me is that I love cheese - every single kind and the stinkier the better!

23:21, 14 June 2018

Hi everyone! I am Jasleen Grewal, a PhD student in Bioinformatics, in the Faculty of Science. My research focuses on developing computational methods for studying cancer. However, I am generally really enthusiastic about integrating biology and computer science to better understand diseases and find cures for the same. To this end, I really enjoy developing and re-shaping course content for graduate students in my program. In particular, I have been TA'ing and assisting with the course re-design for our introductory seminar course for new trainees, for the last two years. I am hoping to make this course a more engaging, learner-centered course instead of a typical journal-club style teaching environment, hence CDI! I really want to move away from paper-reading and paper-presentation to educational activities that make my students more confident in being self-guided learners, while also ensuring that they leave equipped with a diverse set of concepts, principles, and core readings from within bioinformatics. A fun fact about me - I am on a quest to sample all the different Kit-Kat flavors in the world (currently at >10!)

05:20, 15 June 2018

Hi Everyone,

My name is Judy Chan and I'm one of the three facilitators of the Course Design Intensive (CDI).

Facilitating the CDI is a challenging (in a good way!) activity for me. I keep hearing great ideas from the participants and my mind will jump from facilitating to designing my own course. Please remind me to stay focused.

I teach introductory food science in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems to debunk negative understandings around processed foods such as stinky cheeses and Kit-Kat. For example, I explain that boiling water, filtering water, as well as the fermentation of cheeses and wines are all examples of food processing. It's fun to teach especially on those days while my students are invited to taste different types of cheeses :)

My 8-year-old and my 10-year-old keep my life fun. Reading about how their comments on Mother's Day card brings me both laughter and tears.

See you on Monday!


16:09, 15 June 2018

Greetings! My name is Lisa Nathan. I am Associate Professor at the Information School. I have developed a number of courses (in person, online and blended), a few are unique to our school (e.g., Information Practice & Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives). Frankly, I find course design to be daunting and know you all will keep me inspired.

My goal is to craft a new course, Designing Information Practices & Services. By writing this out, I hope I stick to this plan (will the discussion board settings allow me to edit and choose something easier Monday morning?).

Interesting thing about me...I was a sailboat day charter captain in the USVI before returning to the mainland and trying out grad school. Or, I love to roller skate, I imagine it is a bit like flying.

21:32, 15 June 2018

Hi everyone! my name is John Vigna, one of the facilitators for the CDI. I'm an Instructor in the Creative Writing Program at UBC and teach intro, intermediate and advanced fiction writing to large undergrad classes (30-250 students) and advanced fiction to small grad workshops (12 students). I'm the author of Bull Head, a collection of stories published in 2012 in Canada and the US, and recently published in France in 2017. I'm nearing the completion of my work on a novel.

Prior to UBC, I worked as a freelance advertising copywriter and adjunct instructor for over 10 years.

Fun fact: my life is ruled by my Cardigan Welsh corgi, Rudy. Think Joe Pesci - that pretty much captures Rudy's personality.

I look forward to working with you during this CDI. What a great time we'll all have together. See you on Monday.

Cheers, John

15:34, 16 June 2018

Hello. I'm Gillian Gerhard, the fourth CDI facilitator and Senior Educational Consultant at CTLT. My educational background is in Mechanical Engineering - with a focus on energy systems and life-cycle environmental impact analysis, and Curriculum Studies - with a focus on students' experiences of participation, agency and identity in post-secondary interdisciplinary science. Interdisciplinary science is also where I've done most of my teaching, first as a scientist visiting hundreds of elementary classrooms and more recently teaching 3rd and 4th year courses on topics like Scientific Measurement and Instrumentation and Principles of Biological and Artificial Control Systems. A fun fact about me is that I like creating all sorts of different voices when I read stories to children. I don't know if they find it fun, but I do.

01:34, 17 June 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Vincent Leung, an instructor in the Department of Wood Science in Faculty of Forestry. My teaching area includes Computer Aided design and machining in wood products. I am currently teaching five different courses in our department. I would like to use this opportunity to learn new way of designing courses. Fun fact about myself, (like Judy) I have a 9 months old and 5 years old away there to keep me fun and busy!!!

06:36, 17 June 2018

Hi everyone, My name is Clayton Ashton and I am a lecturer in the Asian Studies department, teaching mostly third and fourth year courses on history, literature and philosophy. This is my first year as a full-time lecturer. I'm hoping that the CDI workshop will help me with some course redesign for existing courses and also in designing a new course to propose to the department soon that I'm very excited about. Trying to think of an interesting fact about myself... here's one that's relevant to the workshop: I'm a giant film nerd, so I'm very excited to be teaching my first cinema course in September! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

19:36, 17 June 2018

Hi all,

My name is Haris Gilani and I am a Research Associate in the Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry at UBC. I received my PhD degree from UBC in 2015 with specialization in Sustainable Business Management. My current research revolves around international forest policy issues and I have teaching experience in International Forestry, Community Forestry and Business Management in Wood Products Industry. Last month, I taught first year students in Nanjing Forestry University which provided me with a great international experience. I intend to develop a new course in Sustainability in Forest Products Industry that focuses on sustainability initiatives in the industry. I love biking, swimming and spending time with my two young kids age 6 and 3.

22:34, 17 June 2018

Hi, I am Shashi Enarth. I teach a couple of courses at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA). One of them is a Captsone-type course and the other will be a "traditional" class-room based one. The first one has posed some design challenges and I hope to learn a few design innovations to deal with the challenges. I have taught courses focussed on applied knowledge (as against pure science and arts) but would like to see new techniques for use of case-studies, student led learning processes etc. Looking forward to the workshop.

[[User:Shashi Enarth

04:04, 18 June 2018

Hi everyone!

I’m Fatimah Mahmood, academic English lecturer at UBC Vantage College. I teach two academic writing courses and one interdisciplinary course. This interdisciplinary course, reinforces student learning and advances students' disciplinary literacy by heightening understanding of the links between language and the construction of disciplinary knowledge. It is this where I need assistance. I feel the present tasks/ activities are not doing justice to what is required of the course itself. I’m hoping that CDI will guide and support to redesign the course to make it more purposeful, creative, engaging, and language focused. Fun fact about me: I love cooking and experimenting with flavors. Looking forward to see you all.

06:20, 18 June 2018

Hi everyone,

My name is Will Valley. I am an instructor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. I teach a variety of courses in the faculty but mainly within the core courses. These courses are designed to develop students systems thinking competencies through interdisciplinary and community-based learning opportunities. This week, I am focusing on improving our second-year course (www.lfs250.landfood.ubc.ca). It has approx. 300 students, 10 tutorial rooms, 10 TAs, and a co-instructor. We participate in two field trips and have students conduct food literacy workshops with 60 Vancouver School Board classrooms. There is a lot going on in the course and my goal is to add clarity without losing some of the richness of the diverse learning opportunities.

14:04, 18 June 2018