forum 8: week of 5 March: tests and evidence

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I also found this reading to be rather confusing. I don't know how significant this part of the reading is, but I was confused by the idea of a degree of security in forming inferences. Staley & Cobb said that researchers can have secure inferences without having to state how secure they are. I don't quite understand why this is, it seems to weaken the strength of internalism. If you could clarify this a bit more that would be helpful!

23:26, 9 March 2012

Andrea, security is a concept that is very much related to Fisher's work but is not something that Fisher (explicitly) addressed. I will see if I can say at least a few words about security, in the context of Fisher's reading. Thanks for your comment! To everyone else: keep these comments coming! My suggestion to all of you is to start looking ahead to next week's reading (Fisher) in light of the concepts discussed in this week's reading.

00:03, 10 March 2012