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I'm fine with the world being one big guess, a guess contextualized alongside the guesses of yourself and others, with I guess, there also being a wonderfully complex orgainicly fallibil system that those guesses are bound to. That does not mean that all claims are equal, it just mean that none are foundational. Our best guesses are the ones we simply can't ignore becuase their 'truth' permeates so throughly our other guesses, they support them and may be the reason we conclude to 'know' other more periferial guess to be true. I'd say that there are three things that are definately true, but they unfortunately get you no were on thier own, so though solid, they are no foundation. They are (1) there is existence, (2) there is thought and (3) there is perception; two and three might be the same thing, and if you can build anything as definite as those three out of those three, please do. Otherwise, may the best guess win.

02:25, 20 January 2012