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Q: does the fact that you haven't excluded the possibility that the zebras are painted mules show that you don't know that they are zebras? A: I agree NicoleJinn when she says that they may be a degree to knowledge. For example to say you know something in ordinary conversation maybe different than to say you know something in some academic scientific journal that. Why? I think it can be understood by the states value. For example to say you know those are zebras to you 3 years old child may not have that detrimental of an effect if in fact they were just imposter zebras after all. But to say this in an academic journal that maybe people read and formulate their own knowledge from could perhaps have a bigger impact. Also your reputation is at stakes so you want to make sure double check that what you are saying is in fact correct. But the question is whether or not you can ever be 100 percent certain. And I don't think that you can. All that you can do is do whatever you possibly can think of in order to make sure your assertion is true with the evidence that you can collect at the time being. So knowledge i think is to know something with all the evidence given at a certain time. You can know something but later realize that you are wrong. the question is did you ever know that at all...were you always wrong? or maybe you knew it and now you don't? this is a difficult question which i still am puzzled with....?

17:01, 2 March 2012