Course topics - objections to Staley or Fisher?

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Last Thursday (February 9), Dr. Morton briefly went over the remaining topics that he plans to cover in this course. Among them, he mentioned that the two that are least connected with his overall motive for this course are the readings by Staley (6-8 March) and Fisher (13-15 March). I am curious as to whether anyone in this course (among the participants) has objections to doing any of these two readings. If so, please be honest about your objections and I will try to consider them to the best of my ability. While you decide what objections you may have to those two readings, I just want to make it known that you may expect to see me give short presentations on Fisher's reading on one or both days during that week. As much as these two topics (or readings) are least connected with this course, they are (ironically) the two topics of most interest to me, if that makes sense to any of you.

02:07, 16 February 2012

I am quite pleased to see, so far, that there are no objections to the readings by Staley or Fisher. As I prepare for my presentation next Tuesday, I would truly appreciate it if all of you (participants) would be able to tell me ANY concepts you are having trouble comprehending in Chapter 2 of "The design of experiments"; or if there is anything in the first TWO chapters in Fisher's "The design of experiments" that's unclear to you! The reason for this request is because your comments would give me a much better idea of what I should focus my presentation on, so that I am able to better meet the needs of the audience. So, please, feel free to tell me about ANY difficulties that arise during your reading of Fisher BEFORE next Tuesday and I will try my best to accommodate them into my presentation!

01:15, 7 March 2012