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Hi Junyuan,

Firstly, let me thank for your project and your contribution in CPSC 522 Wiki pages. I like your page and find your topic of project interesting. I like to share my opinion and give you my comments, maybe they might help you.

1) First of you can treat this assignment's wiki page as a research paper and include the usual and common sections such as: abstract, motivation, introduction, method, evaluation, results, conclusion, future work and acknowledgment. 2) I would say work a bit more on the wording of some of the such as: "Using Probability (Probabilistic) Method to Fill Missing Age Value(s)" 3) Maybe move most of the codes and pseudo-codes to a file or link and give pointer to link to that rather than putting all of them here. 4) I need more explanation on the attributes. 5) Finally, as I mentioned in the first point above, there must be subsections such as conclusion or results or data, so when a reader wants to just look at a specific aspect of the page, be able to do so as efficient as possible.

Thanks for your page it was a pleasure to read it and I hope these comments can help you improve your contribution.

Mehrdad Ghomi

02:53, 21 April 2016

Hi Mehrdad,

Your suggestions are very helpful! I will change the format of my wiki page. For question 4, I just add a "variable descriptions" table, hope this will be helpful.

Thank you!



03:28, 21 April 2016