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Comments I liked reading this informative article. I also loved the bibliography of this article and found it very relevant. IMHO, some questions that could be answered by the article to make it more insightful are as follows: Why can the functions in Recurrent networks be only a sigmoid or a tanh? How does RNN accommodate probability? BPTT also has the tendency of getting stuck in local minima. Why? Are there are any solutions to the problems with BPTT?


Grading Scheme

   * The topic is relevant for the course: 5
   * The writing is clear and the English is good: 5
   * The page is written at an appropriate level for CPSC 522 students (where the students have diverse backgrounds): 5
   * The formalism (definitions, mathematics) was well chosen to make the page easier to understand: 5
   * The abstract is a concise and clear summary: 5
   * There were appropriate (original) examples that helped make the topic clear: 5
   * There was appropriate use of (pseudo-) code: 2
   * It had a good coverage of representations, semantics, inference and learning (as appropriate for the topic): 4
   * It is correct: 5
   * It was neither too short nor too long for the topic: 5
   * It was an appropriate unit for a page (it shouldn't be split into different topics or merged with another page): 5
   * It links to appropriate other pages in the wiki: 5
   * The references and links to external pages are well chosen: 5
   * I would recommend this page to someone who wanted to find out about the topic: 4
   * This page should be highlighted as an exemplary page for others to emulate: 4

If I was grading it out of 20, I would give it: 19

08:13, 7 February 2018

Thank you for the suggestions :)

23:34, 8 February 2018