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In this page, we are trying to build a Text Generator model using LSTM (which is a type of Recurrent Neural Network). We are training the model with Wikipedia dataset and compare it to simpler models such as Markov chain.

Principal Author: Amin Aghaee


This work is about Text generation using Neural Networks. Using Hutter Prize 100 MB Wikipedia dataset, which is a huge collection of English passages, we try to train a model that given a few words as the beginning words, it can continue the passage itself. Firstly, we train a non-neural network model (a Markov Chain model) which predict the next word using previous word (or a few preceding words). Then we train a LSTM model and compare the results with that Markov model.

Builds on

LSTMs are a type of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). To start the job, we firstly train a Markov Chain model.



In this work, we use The Hutter Prize English dataset. The Hutter Prize [1]is a cash prize funded by Marcus Hutter which rewards data compression improvements on a specific 100 MB English text file. Their ultimate goal is to find a way to compress and understand all human knowledge and consider Wikipedia as a good snapshot of the Human World Knowledge. Their contest is irrelevant to this work, but it continues and not finished yet. You can download this dataset from here.

Markov Model of Language

In this section we will consider a Markov model of language. We define a hyperparameter and our "state" of the Markov chain will be the last words of the sequence. So, for example, if that means we think the probability distribution over the next word only depends on the preceding 3 words. Thus the term n-gram is being used for a sequence of words. We will train our model from data by recording every occurrence of every -gram and, in each case, recording what the next word is. Then, for each -gram, we normalize these counts into probabilities.

Generally speaking [2], given a string of English words we can decompose into:

while in Markov Chain models, only previous history matters. For example in a 2-grams language model we have:

and we find values of those probabilities with maximum likelihood estimation . A good model assigns a text of real English a high probability. This can be also measured with cross entropy .

To generate a new sequence, we start with some initial seed of length . Then, for the current -gram we will look up the probability distribution over next words and sample a random word according to this distribution.

Pseudo code

Here's a pseudo code of both fitting and generating procedures.

Fitting Procedure:

  • INPUT: n-grams text file
  • INITIALIZE: text = text + text[1:N], C = number of preceding combinations in text
  • INITIALIZE: = number of unique words in text
  • INITIALIZE: Frequency matrix
  • FOR in text file do:
  • Concert into probability matrix by normalizing
  • return P

Generating Procedure:

  • INPUT: number of document words as , probability matrix as
  • INITIALIZE: Document
  • FOR do:
    • = choose word using distribution
  • return D

Experiment and results

After training the model with the dataset and trying different , we give the model the following sentence from another wikipedia page as starting sentence: Eternal return is a theory that the universe and all existence and energy. So, for instance, if , generate function will be given only the first word in starting sentence ( 'Eternal) and if , generate function will be given the first two words in starting sentence ('Eternal return) and so on. Here three different results for :

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LSTM Model of Language

In a previous section, we have generated text using a Markov model. A weakness of that approach is that the model cannot maintain long-term state. For example, imagine you wanted to model/generate a sentence like:

Eternal return (also known as eternal recurrence) is a theory that the

the model have no memory and doesn't remember to close the parentheses. We're going to solve this problem using LSTMs, which are a type of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). The long-short term memory (LSTM) model allows us to use large in a practical way. Recurrent neural networks are general sequence processing models that do not explicitly encode the hierarchical structure that is thought to be essential to natural language. Early work using artificial languages showed that they may nevertheless be able to approximate context-free languages. This section highly inspired by this work [3]. They investigate the effective memory depth of RNN models by using them for language model (LM) smoothing. Instead, in this work, we train their model on our dataset. LSTM smoothing also has the desirable property of improving with increasing order. Using multinomial distributions as targets in training instead of the usual one-hot target is only slightly beneficial for low orders.

We do not focus a lot on what is LSTM or how recurrent neural networks works. You can find more information here [4]. However, an important parameter in the implemented network [5] is temperature value, which takes a number in range (0, 1] (0 not included), default = 1. The temperature is dividing the predicted log probabilities before the Softmax, so lower temperature will cause the model to make more likely, but also more boring and conservative predictions. Higher temperatures cause the model to take more chances and increase diversity of results, but at a cost of more mistakes. This model is implemented in Python and uses Tensorflow and Keras libraries backend.

An example for LSTM model of language.


Due to memory limitation on my machine, I was forced to use less than 30 percent of dataset for training process which took me about 1.5 hours. This is a generated paragraph:

Temprature = 0.1
In 1871 Louis Auguste Blanqui, assuming a Newtonian ffFirtadih inc tle "er, ihdlem,'inc tle sideggT  Jo.e"er
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Which is meaningless. The following paragraph, is the best passage could be obtained by training the model with this dataset:

Roman arch of Trajan at Thamugadi (Timgad), Algeria]] After some decades of fierce resistance under the [[War North Act|Mumit or Alchemy]] and [[2000]], and [[Tolleite Constitution]] and [[Alchemy]] and [[beond of the notion]]. The considered an anthropology contract in the towing that the notion of the the all particularly political accounts in the [[United States]] is a control of the [[Bentary]] and [[President of the United States]] and [[New York State]] and [[Indeal Archaeology]] and [[[[President Constitution]] and [[edicing]] the social most concepts, which was a night the controve


In LSTM model, it conditions the generation of each character on the entire previous history of characters generated. A Markov chain only conditions on a fixed window (e.g. previous words as n-grams). Perhaps a particular LSM model will learn to truncate its conditioning context and behave as a Markov chain, or perhaps not; but LSTMs in general certainly can generate formal languages that Markov chains cannot. Neither LSTMs and Markov chain can fully follow grammatical rules, but at least in Markov Chain, the model have no memory and doesn't remember to close the parentheses and punctuations rules, whereas LSTMs can address this problem.

Annotated Bibliography

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