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MER Template

This template is part of the MER Project. Please do not modify it unless you are part of the MER admin team. Major modifications should be discussed on the discussion page before being made.


This template creates a box in a question page for the question statement, hints, and solutions. The box is optionally collapsed by default, and an edit link is provided for science group members. Science group members also get a link to add the next hint or solution.

Example usage

The following code will create a box with the title Hint, which refers to the subpage /Hint 1. The box is collapsed by default.

{{MER Question page/Box|Hint 1|title=Hint|collapsed=yes}}


The first, anonymous parameter is the name of the subpage (not including the slash).
By default, the box title is the same as the subpage name. Use this parameter when a different title is desired.
If nonempty, the box will be collapsed by default.
width in percentage