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This is the template page for resources related to the Name of the resource/course.


This template is a general infobox used for resources related to the website page

How to use

To include an Infobox person in your article, copy and paste the following code onto your page.

{{Infobox person
| name=
| image=
| born=
| died=
| nationality=
| occupation=
| affiliation=
| years active=
| known for=


  • name: The name of the person
  • image: Image (see Help:Adding Media/Google Maps for help)
  • born: Birth date
  • died: Death date
  • nationality: nationality of the peron
  • occupation: occupation of the person
  • affiliation: affiliation of person
  • years active: years active in the said occupation or affiliation
  • known for: notable accomplishments


Personal Information
Born: {{{born}}}
Died: {{{died}}}
Nationality: {{{nationality}}}
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Affiliation: {{{affiliation}}}
Years Active: {{{years_active}}}
Known For: {{{known_for}}}