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Tort Law
Dignitary Torts
DefamationDiscriminationHarassmentIntentional infliction of mental sufferingInvasion of privacyTrespass to the person
Property Torts
Interference with goodsInterference with landPrivate nuisancePublic nuisance
Negligence Tort
Duty of careBreach of dutyDamageCausationRemoteness
Negligence Categories
EmploymentEnvironmental pollutionHarmful productsHosting patrons and guestsInfliction of mental injury • Misrepresentation • Occupation of premises • Professional services • Public authorities • Relational economic loss • Rescuers • Shoddy goods or structures • Treatment of indigenous children • Unborn children
Dishonesty & Abuse of Position Torts
Abuse of processCausing loss by unlawful meansConspiracyFraudInducing breach of contractInjurious falsehoodIntimidationMalicious prosecutionMisfeasance in public officePassing offSpoliationBreach of Confidence
Strict Liability
Keeping dangerous animalsNon-natural use of landUltrahazardous activitiesVicarious liability
Apportionment of liabilityConsentDefamation defencesDefence of propertyDenialsExcusesIllegalityLegal authorityLimitationNecessitySelf-defence
ApologiesDamagesInjunctionsInsuranceLegal costsMitigationProprietary
Tort Law & Legal Systems
Charter values • Class actions • Concurrent actions • Constitutional torts • Customary international law • Indigenous dispute resolution • No-fault compensation schemes
Tort Theory
Instrumental theoriesConstructive theoriesCritical theoriesReflexive theory
Study Resources
1L strategyAnswer exercisesQuizzesBeswick's course site