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Most of this page content has been populated for you, the only thing to do is to change the link so that it directs students to the pdf file of the exam on the math department's website. Once that's done, just click on save!

Changing pdf link to exam file

Since there isn't much consistency in the naming of these files, this process has to be done by hand and has not been automatized, thanks for your help here. You will see below some code that looks like:

{{MER Exam page|exam_link=|creation_box=true}}

You want to find out the precise name of the pdf file corresponding to the exam this page will correspond to and update the link. For example, in the case of the April 2011 exam for MATH101, the new code looks like:

{{MER Exam page|exam_link=Math_101_April_2011.pdf|creation_box=true}}