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Course Details

{{{Instructor Name}}}

{{{Instructor Title}}}


Faculty of {{{Faculty}}}

Course Code: {{{Course Code}}}

Course Name: {{{Course Name}}}

Term Offered: {{{Term Offered}}}

Mode of Delivery: {{{Mode of Delivery}}}

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Part of the Course Case Studies Templates, the Course Details template enables easy input of course details to provide a context for the case study.


| Instructor Name = 
| Instructor Title = 
| Department = 
| Faculty = 
| Course Code = 
| Course Name = 
| Term Offered = 
| Mode of Delivery = 
| Class Size = 


Parameter Explanation
Instructor Name Name of Instructor
Instructor TItle Instructor's rank/title/designation
Department Instructor's home department or program
Faculty Instructor's home faculty
Course Code e.g. BIOL 200
Course Name Name of course
Term Offered When was the course offered (e.g. 2013 Winter)
Mode of Delivery Face to Face, Blended, Online
Class Size How big was the class


Input Output
{{Template:Course_Case_Studies/Course_Details | Instructor Name = Shona Ellis | Instructor Title = Associate Head of Biology | Department = Biology | Faculty = Science | Course Code = BIOL 210 | Course Name = Introduction to Vascular Plants | Term Offered = 2013 Winter | Mode of Delivery = Face to Face | Class Size = 130 }}

Course Details

Shona Ellis

Associate Head of Biology


Faculty of Science

Course Code: BIOL 210

Course Name: Introduction to Vascular Plants

Term Offered: 2013 Winter

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face

Class Size: 130