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Hi! I think this is really intriguing topic to discuss!

So far well-informed contents which smoothly lead the reader to the point of the topic. I, however, would recommend adding the last section including possible solutions to alleviate gender inequality. I thought it might be helpful to include a solution as it gives some sense of any improvements for the readers while reading about on-going gender inequality, so finally, the readers can possibly change their thoughts or attitudes about gender inequality. Overall well done!


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Inclusion of more definitions if possible122:15, 27 July 2020

Inclusion of more definitions if possible

Hey Jose, what an interesting piece! As someone who knows very little about the kinds of politics which you discuss in your wiki, I can say that more definitions (or links to definitions) of terminology you use might have been helpful. I had to read the sections a couple of times to fully understand, but overall I learnt a lot! It is such a narrow topic that I really commend you researching so well into it and finding enough sources. Perhaps, to vary the structure, you could consider including a table or graph if you find one which fits well with the content. Amazing work though, I look forward to reading the finished product!

01:30, 27 July 2020

Hello Heidi, I really appreciate your comments and I will try to include more hyperlinks that can lead to the websites that can explain these questions you are asking. I will definitely consider using tables or graphs although it is a bit hard to access things that are open sourced.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.



22:15, 27 July 2020