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Spacing and image size might need work!

I love that there are so many graphs in your wiki. Infographics and graphs are good for providing a visual aid for better understanding or grasping the numbers. However, they are quite large and I find it quite distracting when I try to read the rest of your info. That may just be my own personal preference. You do have one typo on one of your headings (data and research instead of date and research?).

As for the content, it is very thorough and cover anything I could think of to include in a wiki page. I liked that you include pictures of the contraceptives too.

Apart from that and the spacing issues between the subheadings, very solid work.

ShanaSoo (talk)04:27, 6 August 2016


I really like your use of infographics and graphs in your post! One thing that would make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at would be if there was less spacing between all the sections in the page-- There are some spots where there is an excess of space in between the different headings. Also I think it would be good to look at the USA in a global context- I know that the US is a huge outlier in the developed world as to how high their teen pregnancy rates are so I think it would be important to explore that a little bit and look at some reasons for why the US is such an anomaly. I know one reason that is often pointed to has to do with how high university tuition is in the US compared to other developed countries and how that leads many teens to feel that education is unattainable- Just something to look into.

NatashaRygnestadStahl (talk)04:48, 25 July 2016

Looking over your work, the content was very concise and held a lot of good information on the topic at hand. However, I have personally learned about this in a different course at UBC, and as a suggestion it could be interesting to possibly add in an area on Sex Education, especially during the time with Bush as President, and how that effected teen pregnancy rates. I know that the type of sex education can also be a factor that will change pregnancy rates, so it could be interesting to include on Abstinence-only Sex Education and how implementation of that in certain states effected the rates in those states. Otherwise, seemed like a very interesting topic!

Stephanie Chad

StephanieChad (talk)23:01, 3 August 2016


I like that you gave maps and graphs to show the growth of teen pregnancy throughout the years. I think these images help put in perspective how big of a problem it is.

You mentioned that the USA had the highest amount of teen pregnancies compared to other developing countries; why do you think this is? I am very curious to know why USA out of all developing countries has this issue occurring to many teenage girls. Would it be perhaps due to the American culture? Parenting? Or Religion?

On another note, I liked how you covered your facts and gave many examples using statistics. I think it was straight to the point, precise and informative at the same way. Although, I would have liked to hear more about father of the baby and his usual role in teen pregnancy. It would have also been interesting to show insight stories from real teen moms that have gone through their issues during their pregnancy and their life after pregnancy.

MariaLauraAramayo (talk)09:34, 3 August 2016