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I really like how organized your page is coming along and how lots of terms and ideas are clearly defined; it makes everything very accessible. I'm sure you're still working on it, but my one suggestion is to maybe have a brief intro paragraph with what your main point of interest or the history on the topic is is instead of going straight into the terms. Looks great though!



It looks like you are still working on this so I am sure you will get around to this but do not forget to add a references section. I think it would be very helpful to define or to provide a link to an external source that can define and develop the term “obstetrical practice” since I do not think that everyone will know what this means. I think by adding a definition or external source, it will help people to better understand that section. It would be beneficial to do this for any other terms that you include that may not be so common. Other than that it looks great and it seems like you are well on your way! I think you chose a very interesting topic and did a great job of splitting your page up into sections. It looks very neat and organized!

-Manraj Dhanda

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