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Suggestions :)022:49, 8 April 2016

Suggestions :)

Hi Yu-Chih,

I think it is great that you included pictures and medias on your page. Moreover, I like how in depth your research is. You have a lot of information on the page and they are all properly cited. Here are some suggestions I think will make your page better. There are some smaller details that need to be attended on your page, such as capitalizing the first words of the heading in "Psychological development". Also, the videos usually are found on the sides of wiki pages and they are usually thumbnail sized. It would be nice if you could reformat them a little bit. Content wise, I think they are pretty thorough. I know that this style of parenting is most famously used by Chinese families, but what about other cultures? It's not necessary to include it, but I think having section about diversity and whether this style of parenting is also found in other cultures would be interesting.

22:49, 8 April 2016