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Constructive Suggestions 002:21, 7 March 2015

Constructive Suggestions

Hi there,

I think your topic is well chosen and you've done a great job providing a good amount of information about adolescence!

I've done a bit of editing as I thought the structure of the page needed some amending. Additionally, I noticed you copied and pasted sections of text from the websites you provided in your references. I think quoting from websites is totally fine so long as you give credit to the original author by putting their words in quotes, ie "....". That way it doesn't seem like you are trying to steal someone else's ideas or phrases. Hence, I changed a lot of the text you provided and paraphrased it instead of keeping it as direct quotes.

The section on Gender is interesting, but I wonder if you could provide a bit more evidence? It seemed a little out of place and you didn't provide much support for it. Secondly, I might suggest revising the language from subjective to objective. There are occasions where your voice as an author is readily transparent and you take a stance on something. Subjectivity might want to be left out of Wiki pages as they are informational only and don't try to argue something.

Those are just a few suggestions! Hope it's all clear, and I hope you like the edits I made to your page.

-Maddie Duke

MadalenDuke (talk)02:21, 7 March 2015