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I'm also wondering if you happen to have your reference list? I can help you set it up at the bottom of the page!

Bremiella (talk)12:53, 3 April 2015

Hey! I do have my reference list! My apologized for not showing it. I haven't started fixing my Wiki due to medical conditions last week. Right now, I am working on it. I will let you know when I finish them! But don't worry, if that is for gathering in Reference List, I will gather them later! :)

MaCelenaIsabellaTan (talk)06:40, 5 April 2015

Oh okay! I hope you feel better! If you need help figuring out the codes for the reference list just let me know! It's something I struggled with in the beginning but I think I figured it out. I sort of got the reference list started, so you probably can see in the page how I did. Happy editing! :D

Bremiella (talk)17:22, 5 April 2015

Hey! Need help! How do you make same reference? Instead of making many numbers of same?

MaCelenaIsabellaTan (talk)03:17, 6 April 2015

Hey! What I did was use this code(remove the asteriks): <*ref> insert citation here </*ref> and then I've already set up your reference page at the bottom where I used <references/*>

Bremiella (talk)03:44, 6 April 2015

That's what I did! But it keeps giving me same number! You managed to put same number on my wiki! [3] ones!

MaCelenaIsabellaTan (talk)03:46, 6 April 2015


Hi Isabella,

So far I've edited the paragraph under "Health Consequences" Some of the sentences were a little unclear - for example: "Unfortunately, since abortion is illegal, they are mostly rejected by hospital to avoid criminal records." I edited it according to my interpretation but I'm not entirely sure if that's what you mean so if you could take a look at it and accept/alter my changes that'd be great!

Bremiella (talk)12:41, 3 April 2015