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I really enjoyed reading about your topic. I always assumed that abortion laws are the same across all Canada, so your post was vary informative. I thought it may be interesting adding a section or link to information on other provinces as a way to demonstrate the differences. I also thought adding information on if abortion access changes for different marginalized communities ie inter sectional bodies. Overall I really enjoyed your post and cant wait to read the end result.

03:49, 10 April 2018

Great topic! Feel free to check out my page, which is about abortion access in B.C. The information on your wiki page is very comprehensive. However, I suggest adding some information about how lack of abortion access in Nova Scotia disproportionately affects women who are minorities (lower income, First Nations). I think that this would add a lot to the discussion of intersectionality on your page.

04:13, 2 December 2017

I agree this would be really awesome - unfortunately not a lot of information is available on this. This lack of record keeping or discussion surrounding how indigenous women and other minority women are disproportionately affected, is itself an indicator of a lack of intersectionality in how reproductive health services are operated and offered in the province. This is definitely research that should be undertaken in the province to help support a push for more and better abortion accessibility. Thank you for your suggestion!

06:59, 2 December 2017


I think that you topic is so important, and needs more information to bring abortion awareness. You did a really great job making your topic specific to Nova Scotia, because abortion can be a broad topic with so many different legalities in relation to different provinces and cities. I think its important to focus on current events surrounding abortion in Nova Scotia: laws, resources, common practices. I think that your page would benefit from the removal of the "other maritime provinces" section as your page is focused on Nova Scotia. Also, I think it would benefit your age to discuss current education being delivered to women in Nova Scotia around abortion. The "Fredericton Youth Feminists" are a group of female youth who bring awareness to many issues, one specifically being reproductive rights of women & abortion. I would recommend you checking them out on their website: or through their social media! I am excited to see what you produce to find out more about abortion in other provinces.

Thanks, Melissa Malo 47326153

23:47, 10 November 2017

Hi Melissa,

Thanks very much for the recommendations - I have indeed decided to remove the 'other maritime provinces' sections, so thanks for confirming my thoughts on it being too unrelated. I like the source you linked - however, I think they may, in fact, be a New Brunswick, not Nova Scotia group. But thank you very much for the idea to add more info on the educational side - this would be an excellent and more relevant section than the 'other provinces' one.

Thanks again! -B

03:03, 11 November 2017

Hello! Your title really grabbed my attention. I'm intrigued by the fact that you chose Nova Scotia in particular; are you from there or is there a specific issue regarding abortion in that region? If it's the latter, it would be fantastic to highlight that in the overview. I'm a little concerned with the number of sub-categories you have--they look comprehensive but may be too cluttered. I also noticed that you had "Inter-Province Coverage" and "Other Maritime Provinces" as two separate categories. Because you're mostly focused on Nova Scotia for your wiki, perhaps grouping together all the information about other provinces into one separate big topic would make more sense. Hope this helps.



18:50, 9 November 2017

HI Caroline,

Thanks very much for the feedback, it's very helpful as I work on the body of the project. I am from Vancouver, however, I came out here to NS for my undergraduate, and now my graduate degree soon - I am taking this course in my gap term out of interest. When I came out here, I realized that the state of female-centric healthcare resources was essentially abysmal, and in need of some serious reform. Of all the provinces, NS is considered to have the worst access and policies on abortion, and thus I think these issues should be discussed. I agree with what you mean about too many categories - I am finding that in my writing I may be able to group these. I think also I should revise those two titles you mentioned, as they are actually about how people from out of NS have coverage (or lack thereof) for abortion services (this is a core issue for students and young people who primarily live in another province). I may, in fact, remove the 'other maritime provinces' as I am finding that information somewhat out of scope and anecdotal. Again, thanks so much for the feedback, it's very constructive! -B

03:00, 11 November 2017