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Great job!221:43, 30 November 2015

Great job!

Hey guys, the page looks great! I really liked how much you put into the first preface to feminism in pop culture, but I thought that it died down a little once you got to "21st Century Feminism Within Popular Culture", maybe you guys could expand a little on that part? Also wanted to note that you can neaten up the citations, the wiki produces a reference list automatically which is very functional if you use the references/ command!

- Ivan

IvanShaw (talk)02:07, 21 November 2015

I just saw this message, thanks Ivan. Will defiantly take your advice on the references suggestion. I wrote mostly everything up until the "21 Century Feminism within Pop Culture, so hopefully my classmate adds to it more!

Thanks :)

LeanaLemon (talk)00:39, 28 November 2015

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the comments and feedback, I currently have more information typed out and its just a matter of transferring it over to the Wiki Page, I will get that done as soon as possible so that you can have a look at it and hopefully give more feedback.

Kind regards - Joshua Kriesel

JoshuaKriesel (talk)21:43, 30 November 2015