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SIFE UBC is a branch of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), a student club, located at the University of British Columbia, helps individual, groups and businesses succeed through financial literacy and entrepreneurship. [1]


Originally founded as Advancement of Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) UBC, it was converted into SIFE in 2007. Although it is still regarded as ACE, the club's mission statement and vision closely resembles to that of other branches of SIFE found around the world.

Mission Statements

Mission Statements of SIFE UBC include:
1) Taking textbook knowledge into the local community to improve it.
2) Teach people the advantages of being money smart and self-reliant through entrepreneurship, thus giving them the skills to create and improve their own small business.

Club Structure

The club consists of 2 tiers. The first tier consists of one member, which is the club president. The second tier consists of multiple members, including the Vice President of Finance, Human resources, Marketing

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