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Below are the descriptions of dominant soil processes, and a slideshow containing soil group names and an associated photo of each.

The objective of the game is to match each of the the soil group name and photo (found within the slideshow below), with its most dominant soil process.

*Note*: underlined words serve as a clue

To successfully complete the game, knowledge of soil science is not essential; however, knowledge of Russian, French, Greek or Latin might be helpful…

Soil Process Description

A - High water content (and associated lack of oxygen) that occurs during the whole year leads to excessive accumulation of organic matter in this soil commonly associated with bog type vegetation.

B - A strong accumulation of salts is evident throughout this grassland soil.

C - High water content (and associated lack of oxygen) that occurs during portions of the year leads to a mucky appearance and more importantly to chemical changes of iron and aluminum minerals recognized by a dull grey to olive green or bluish grey colours.

D - A mineral soil with lots of cracks (when dry) and consequent mixing of soil material.

E - A very limited soil development that has just started within a loose layer (or blanket) of rock material.

F - Well-developed (ie. thick) soil characterized by movement (or washing) of soil material from one layer to another due to water that passes through that soil.

G - This soil occurs in regions where soil temperature remains below 0°C constantly for a number of years, leading to a presence of a permanently frozen layer.

H - A strong accumulation of organic matter is evident at the surface of this grassland soil; giving is a very dark brown, almost black colour.

I - A presence of a bleached, light grey (almost ash looking) layer is typical for this forest soil.

J - Limited soil development brought by a slight modification of soil material leading to a slight modification of brown soil colour.

Soil Order Photos

Here is a PDF version of the quiz that you can download and print off.

Correct Answers

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