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Ok maybe not just UBC - seems we only have a smattering of examples to share - but there are others... It all started with a panel discussion last month: Facebook and Education: the Pros and Cons. Here's one panelist's take..

Facebook and SN tools in the classroom:

When Professors Create Social Networks for Classes, Some Students See a 'Creepy Treehouse': Wired Campus, 2008

How University Administrators Should Approach the Facebook: Top Ten Rules

Stanford Classes on Facebook

Stanford's Teaching and Learning with Facebook group

Stanford's Facebook page check out Open Office Hours with BJ Fogg

Your Technology on Campus Questions Answered: Globe and Mail readers' questions to Ana M. Martínez Alemán, co-author of Online Social Networking on Campus: Understanding What Matters in Student Culture.

Useful Links:

It's Who You Know (Or Don't) Online social networks are powerful and ineffectual all at once.

SFU's discussion and resources on this topic

Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

SAITSA interview

My Space/Facebook Best Practices

JISC Study of The Effective Use of Social Software in Education Final Report and Case Studies

Examples of Facebook in use on campuses:

Live-in for Literacy Campaign

Recruiting Students

SFU Students developed GreeNet app

UBC's Page

Stanford's Page

UBC's 1st Year Engineering Student Group

UBC's Terry Program

Stanford's Peace Innovation class on Facebook - 750 members and fairly rich discussion board

UBC's Forestry course: Sustainable Energy Policy and Governance: CONS 425

UBC Learning Exchange: Trek Program

Courses to Watch:

UBC School of Journalism's New Media and Society course

Educause Learning Initiative's report on blogging in UBC's School of Journalism

Stanford's Peace Innovation class on Facebook - 750 members and fairly rich discussion board

Possible Problems:

Facebook scams that target prospective university students.

Research Study that finds link between Facebook use and lower GPA

And from the other side Are Facebook fears false?

Things to consider:

Using SNs in your course:

  • Your goals: Why do you want to use a SNS? What benefit do you hope to gain? What's in it for learners? How will it help you achieve your objectives?
  • Requirements for learners: Will all students be required to participate? Have you checked to see if there are learners who don't use SNS? What about them?
  • Authenticity: Is there some lasting, real-world benefit to using SNS?
  • Others????

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