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Unclear hint and remarks about solution107:33, 24 March 2018

Unclear hint and remarks about solution


For question MATH152/April 2016/Question A 24, the hint given is unclear (perhaps mention how the values given for V and D can be used to answer the question). Assuming that stands for the diagonal matrix obtained after diagonalizing the input, I have the following thoughts. It seems that the justification for c) and d) can be improved on by simply looking at the entries of D, and the matrix product should be instead.



BRIANCHAN (talk)00:00, 13 March 2018

I think what the matrix V and D mean should be mentioned in the solution. Also, as Brian mentioned, that could be a better hint. But I am not sure about how justification for c) and d) can be improved....

Aside from this, I hope all mathematical expressions are in the math mode.

HyunjuKwon (talk)07:33, 24 March 2018