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How to use the Math Exam Resources wiki

The primary intention of this wiki is that you actually try to solve the problems on your own. When you get stuck or don't know how to begin, there is advice and hints to get you on track.

When reading the solution to a problem, don't just look at the "answer." The solutions that we provide do not focus simply on the answer; instead we are describing the process that it takes to solve the problem. Understanding these processes will enable you to identify road blocks in your own thinking and to deal with particular cases of problems you have not encountered yet.

Additionally, since this is a wiki, every page comes with a discussion page (see the two tabs just above the title, one says Science the other Discussion). By logging in with your CWL account, you can edit the discussion page to:

  • ask us a question about the math in that page;
  • report a mistake or typo;
  • give us feedback about the content;
  • answer and/or dialogue with another student who has asked a question or made a comment.

We'll be happy to help you as much as we can. Since this is a community project and we all do this on our spare time, we might not answer right away, but be assured we're doing our best!