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Joel Feldman's Class Demonstrations

Joel Feldman has a set of demonstration programs on his website that mostly cover ODEs and PDEs.

Interactive Graphics for Multivariable Calculus

Joseph Lo from CWSEI developed a set of interactive 3D graphics with GeoGebra on various topics of multivariable calculus.

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets run on Wolfram|Alpha, a web-based computational search engine. Wolfram Alpha widgets are a quick way of making course websites more interactive. A simple example of a Wolfram|Alpha widget is below.

To embed Wolfram|Alpha Widgets in the UBC Wiki, see:

If you are interested in reading how Wolfram|Alpha has been used in mathematics courses at other institutions, you may also want to read:

  • Vincent E. Dimiceli, Andrew S.I.D. Lang, LeighAnne Locke. Teaching calculus with Wolfram|Alpha. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 41(8), 2010
  • Gizem Karaali and Bruce Yoshiwara. A Different Pencil Too Good to be Ignored? A First Look at Wolfram|Alpha. October/November 2009, MAA FOCUS