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Questions are sorted by both class and topic on the main page Science:Math_Exam_Resources. All class pages are subpages of this page, exams are subpages of their respective class page, and questions are subpages of their respective exam pages. So if you're searching for the 3rd question of the April 2012 exam for Math 103, the address is (case sensitive):


And, given the first paragraph of this section, the hint for question 3 would be at the address


Note that page addresses in the wiki are case sensitive and that _ and blank are treated as the same symbol!

Subpages of Math_Exam_Resources hold the mathematical content for users. Information only relevant to contributors (like this manual) is listed as a subpage of Science:MER. So MER is like the the control center for Math_Exam_Resources.

MER subpage organization diagram.jpg