Science:Infinite Series Module/Units/Unit 1/1.2 Sigma Notation

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What This Lesson Covers

In this lesson we introduce

  • the sigma notation for representing finite and infinite sums
  • properties of the sigma notation
  • how to find equivalent forms of an infinite series

Learning Outcomes

After reading this lesson and completing a sufficient number of problems, students should be able to

  • convert the first few terms of a series, convert the series into sigma notation
  • use the properties of sigma notation to simplify sums
  • find equivalent forms of an infinite series

Simply reading the content in this lesson will not be sufficient. Students will need to get out a pencil and paper and complete problems in order to prepare themselves for assessments related to this lesson.


It is recommended that students progress through this lessons in the given order, as the topics build upon each other.

  1. Introduction to Sigma Notation
  2. Sigma Notation
  3. Sigma Notation Properties
  4. Change of Variable in Sigma Notation
  5. Simple Example involving algebraic manipulation
  6. Final Thoughts on Sigma Notation
  7. Videos on Sigma Notation