Course:Recurring Questions of Technology

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A Brief History of Consciousness and Learning

This is a 5-day UBC/SFU summer course that will be run as an open institute, with leading scholars exploring how technology, as a particular regard for tools and techniques, reflects a state of consciousness that bears on our ideas of learning. These questions involve educational issues of:

   * Culture and History,
   * Language and Knowledge,
   * Identity and Difference.

This 2012 summer program provides a rich platform for ongoing research to be shared and built upon by engaging with students, faculty, and community members.

Two wiki spaces will be used for this course:

Keyword entries categorized in alphabetical order.
An assignment sign-up space that will be open on the first break on Monday, July 9th.
Check this link for updates and important messages!

  • A FACEBOOK PAGE for everyone/anyone who's interested to continue the conversation...outside of the lecture hours/days