Radical Beer Faction

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The Radical Beer Faction is the club faction of UBC's oldest running political slate.

The RBF was established in 1988 (or 1991) as a political slate in the Alma Mater Society executive elections. It was the brainchild of a number of students who felt disenfranchised in the traditional "Left/Right" party system that was in place, and felt that another option was necessary to accurately represent the interests of UBC students.

As time went on slates were banned in the AMS executive elections, and the RBF lost its momentum on campus. Through the rubble a lone survivor emerged, the Fyre Hydrant, who kept the spirit alive by running for the Board of Governors, coming within a handful of votes at one point.

In honour of the RBF’s 20th anniversary, a new group of talented, motivated students stepped up to the plate to fight against the newly termed “War on Fun”, the lack of student autonomy at UBC, and the general decline in Beer Culture. More recently they have lent their services to clubs and constituencies who want help with liquor licensing, event management, advertising and awareness on campus, and general campus know-how.

“Defending your right to drink since 1988!”

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