Poké Simulator

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Poké Simulator™

Authors: William, Do Hoon, Jennifer

What is the problem?

The goal of this program to simulate a Pokemon battle between two Pokemons. The code will have functions to:

  • store new Pokemons with specific stats
  • create new moves with different types and damage
  • calculate damage to find exact HP loss by the defender
  • etc.

What is the something extra?

After implementing the functions, it would be nice to have a mini turn-based Pokemon battle between two players. Each player could choose which Pokemon to use and plan the move set, so the players can play each other on a single computer.

What did we learn from doing this?

At first we assumed that progamming games in Prolog would be a lot harder than that in Haskell. However, we figured that configuring data and producing information based on the given data were more straightforward in Prolog than in Haskell.

Also, after completing the data structure of the Pokemons, we found out how inefficient our program was. We have attempted different methods to resolve this issue, which helped us dive deeper into the better understanding of data designs in logical programming.

While working on the project, we found that Prolog is less verbose compared to other programs which helped us with simplicity and easier to code.

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