Partial head

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Partial Head is a work made by Stelarc. It is a project inspired by how textures are made in his other work Prosthetic Head, which was a work where he made another virtual head that answers to questions. [1]

Partial Head

In Partial Head, Stelark's face was scanned and was generated within the virtual world as a 3DCG model. After the scan, another skin was inserted over the scanned head. Then this was summoned to real world by using 3D printer, with some organic cells implanted in it. The head served as a living portrait of the artist, with biotechnology helping it to survive. after its decomposition, it was stored within formaldehyde until the end of the exhibition. [2]


Living cells




Stainless Steal



One might call this being not a work of Digital. But this is a work of digital, which was summoned to the real world and given life. This work is a living portrait of the artist. This artwork makes us think deeply about how our technology have been drastically improving, Using the digital technology, we can now make a sculpture that is partially living and decays similarly to the living organism. This might remind people about how different robots that comes out within a science fiction movies have a prosthetic biological skin on itself. This piece is actually a partial head of Stelarc and brings the viewers incredible impact on how the technology of human being have come close to the divine / sacred / or forbidden domain of creation of life.