Open Resource Working Group/Workshop Event Planning

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Strategic planning related to workshops associated with open pedagogy and practice at UBC.

Related Agendas

  • TLEF project showcase
  • library promoting content in repository spaces (tools and services available for open)


  • Think strategically - when
  • combo - advocacy/showcase/practice
  • just-in-time face to face support
  • build local capacity (CTLT, Library, faculty-based)
    • Have a focused conversation with library and CTLT
    • Develop open for learning series for professional development
  • targeted faculty support
    • OER tour as information

Events to Focus On


  • Open Education Week
  • Open Access Week


  • Celebrate Learning
  • Institutes
    • Summer - focus on copyright and OER (new faculty)
    • Spring - innovation, preparation, and practice
    • Winter - practice & foundation

To Do

  • Have a conversation with CTLT to develop a open theme in planning of the institutes
  • Strategize roles and responsibilities for the future workshops