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Article Lists

Here are a list of planned articles to be written by the OLT Marketing Team:

April Deadlines

  • Student-Directed Seminars on blogs (see Brian) - Anya
  • Digital Tattoo (see Novak and Brian) - Anya
  • e-Learning Open House (see Dianne) - Michael
  • New Course: PSYC 309: Cognitive Proceses, FMST 316: Human Sexuality, SOCI 100: Introduction to Sociology, ENGL 112: Strategies for University Writing, EOSC 114: The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters (see Jeff) - Anya (not all of them, but a couple)
  • Culturepedia (see Afsaneh) - cancelled
  • Land-use Impact Tool (see Chris)
  • Learning Technology Support Hub (see Cindy) - Anya - http://update.estrategy.ubc.ca/2008/10/01/five-partners-one-plan

Please append your names in bold to articles you would like to do.


  • Short 3-4 paragraph blurbs that will highlight specific projects and people in the annual report
  • Timeline: blurbs complete and approved by late April
  • Coordinate through Dianne
  • Final Sign Off: Michelle


  • Brian: brian[dot]lamb[at]ubc[dot]ca
  • Novak: novak[dot]rogic[at]ubc[dot]ca
  • Dianne: dianne[dot]mackay[at]ubc[dot]ca
  • Jeff: jeff[dot]miller[at]ubc[dot]ca
  • Afsaneh: asharif[at]exchange[dot]ubc[dot]ca
  • Chris: ccrowley[at]exchange[dot]ubc[dot]ca
  • Cindy: cindy[dot]underhill[at]ubc[dot]ca