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Authors: James Beninger, Jeffrey Wang, Roger Wang

What is the Problem?

We want to replicate the minigame "Card Jitsu" originally seen in Club Penguin. The game is an extremely simple yet addicting multiplayer game. Unfortunately we will not be implementing a multiplayer option at this time and will instead focus on single player versus the computer. The gameplay rules can be found in the README file of the Code repository.

What is the something extra?

We will attempt to implement a strategy for the computer to adjust its behaviour (i.e. gameplay strategy) as a direct response to the user play style.

What did we learn from this?

Haskell is very good for solving problems where there is not a lot to keep track of about the current state of the world. It seems to me like an object oriented language would be easier to use if there was a lot of changing variables and objects to keep track of but Haskell functions are very good at doing what it says it's going to do. We were able to write the entire program with very few lines of code needed.

Links to Code: