Mini Monoliths Making - Outreach Kit

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This kit is from the Soil 4 Youth Website and provides a look at soil formation and how soils can change with depth. You can find the lesson plan for this kit HERE.

Outreach Kit Materials

  1. Rulers
  2. Heavy card-stock
  3. small paper cups
  4. Spatula or stick for scooping/stirring
  5. A large soil monolith in carrying case
  6. Duo tang with lesson plan
  7. A, B, C "horizons" in separate containers
  8. White glue that dries
  9. Colour pencils (or felt pens)
  10. Mini monolith examples
  11. Tape
  12. Pens
  13. Tray for collecting extra soil
Photograph of "Mini Monoliths Making" outreach kit contents.
Example of a mini soil monolith.
Soil Profile Card (metric).