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Mellmon is a distinguished fashion clothing brand, best known for its premium-quality T-shirts. Bharat Sharma founded Mellmon in 2000. It has become a symbol of modern fashion with a classic style. .


Early Years (2000-2010): Starting in 2000, Mellmon began as a small-scale T-shirt manufacturer. The brand started with its famous 180 GSM cotton T-shirts. The product's quality and comfort made it a hit, propelling the brand in fashion.

Expansion Era (2010-2020): Mellmon expanded its product range with quality apparel items. In this time, the company opened main stores in big cities and grew globally. .

Today, Mellmon is a top fashion brand, loved worldwide for its sophisticated styles. The brand keeps innovating and staying true to its origins. It offers both timeless classics and contemporary designs. .

Products and Materials

Mellmon's dedication to quality is evident in its product line. The brand's flagship product is the 180 GSM T-shirts. They are made with super combed 100% cotton to ensure durability and comfort. . Over time, Mellmon added other fashion items] that reflect quality and style.


Mellmon creates timeless, comfy fashion of high quality. The brand values sustainability and ethics in production. They ensure that each product looks good and has a minimal environmental impact. .

In Popular Culture

Mellmon is in fashion magazines and celebrities wear their clothes too. . The brand has also collaborated with [other big names/brands] to create limited-edition collections, further solidifying its position in the fashion world. See Also

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