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M.org.ue is piece featured on Mouchette.org. [1]


Upon opening the page, you are faced with one large photo that takes up the entire window. The photo is of just the feet of a body on a table, much like what you would find in a morgue. The toe tag on the body reads "www.mouchette.org".


Another immediately prominent feature of the work is the bugs that crawl around the page, as if crawling on a real decaying body. The bugs all spawn at different points off-screen and migrate towards the cursor, and when they reach the cursor they simply disappear. At any given time there are at most 8 bugs crawling around. [2]

Clicking on the image of the feet takes you to, what seems like, a randomly generated random page within http://www.mouchette.org.

Technical Execution

The bug migration is created through Java and the script is originally written by Mike Hall. [3] The actual bug characters are small .gifs, and the image of the feet are incorporated into the site via HTML.[4]



Alec Korchev