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Welcome to the Basic Library Skills Tutorial!

The Basic Library Skills Tutorial will introduce you to the core knowledge needed to complete quality research using UBC Library resources. Each module should take no more than 20 minutes to complete and follows this basic structure:
  1. A list of core learning objectives for the module.
  2. Textual information explaining the concepts and ideas of the module.
  3. A short video visually illustrating the activity described in the text of the module.
  4. A self assessment of the knowledge you obtained from the module.

Module 1 - Preparing for Research
  • This module covers understanding the requirements of an assignment, developing a research question using a variety of techniques and making your research topic ready for searching using Library resources.
Module 2 - Overview of the Library Website
  • This module illustrates the key features of the UBC Library website, including your Library account.

Module 3 - Finding Books
  • This module illustrates how to read a book citation, locating a book by title and topic using Summon and the library catalogue and finding a book on the shelf.

Module 4 - Finding Articles
  • This module discusses the features of a journal article citation, locating a journal article by title and topic using Summon, narrowing down your results and idenitfying subject specific databases using Research Guides.

Module 5 - Evaluating Information Sources
  • This module illustrates the importance of understanding the publishing life cycle of information, evaluating information sources to use in your research and identifying scholarly and popular sources.