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  1. Osteoarthritis, Knee/
  2. knee
  3. 1 or 2 [knee osteoarthritis]
  4. exp Exercise/
  5. exp Exercise Therapy/
  6. exercise movement techniques/ or tai ji/ or yoga/
  7. exercis*.mp.
  8. 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 [Exercise]
  9. 3 and 8 [Knee OA and exercise]
  10. Pain/
  12. 10 or 11 [Pain]
  13. Gait/
  15. 13 or 14 [gait]
  16. 9 and 12 [OA and Exercise and Pain]
  17. 9 and 15 [OA and Exercise and Gait]
  18. 16 or 17 [Total results]
  19. limit 18 to "all aged (65 and over)"
  20. limit 19 to "review articles"

Note: This search strategy run in Medline(OvidSP)retrieved 24 results on July 8, 2013.


Line/Set 1 The subject heading (MeSH) for knee osteoarthritis is Osteoarthritis, Knee
Line/Set 2: .mp. in OvidSP is programming language that means the words knee osteoarthritis are looked for in the title, abstract, sometimes the subject heading field. In this interface words next to each other are treated as a phrase.
Line/Set 3: The results of the subject heading and keyword searches in sets 1-2 are combined to create all the results related to the P concept.
Line/Set 4 and 5: The subject headings for exercise interventions are "exploded" to include more specific types of exercise listed in the hierarchical tree
Line/Set 6: Specific, applicable MeSH headings were chosen from the Tree.
Line/Set 7 The truncation * directs the search engine to look for variant endings such as exercise, exercises, or exercising
Line/Set 8 Combines all the Intervention (I) sets
Line/Set 9 Combines the P sets with the I sets
Lines/Sets 10-15 Are the combined results for the two O concepts.
Line/Set 16 Combines the the pain outcome O with the results of P and I
Line/Set 17 Combines the the gait speed outcome O with the results of P and I
Line/Set 18 Combines all the results. [On July 8, 2013 this resulted in 895 hits].
Line/Set 19 The appropriate age group limit for the question is applied
Line/Set 20 Results are further reduced by applying the limit Publication Type: Review.[On July 8, 2013 this resulted in 24 hits]

[Note: This structured approach provides flexibility for adjusting the search when results are too low or too high.]