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Co-organizers Shirin Eshghi (Asian Library) and Katherine Kalsbeek (Rare Books & Special Collections) are grateful to the efforts of the following individuals and organizations, without whom the exhibition and conference would not be possible.

Sponsor Organizations
Exhibition and Conference Sponsor
Japan Foundation

Funding the 3.11 Portrait Project Exhibition
Japan Foundation

UBC Departmental Partner
Co-sponsor of the March 10 Conference
Asian Studies Department

Project Support Staff
Curatorial Lead
Asato Ikeda, PhD Candidate

Undergraduate Student Assistant
Isao Takagaki

Community Organizations
General Support & Orizuru Paper Cranes
Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver

Digital Images for Ishinomaki Handwritten Newspaper Display
Japan Newspaper Museum

Community Members
Images & social media archives
Manabu Ogawa

Japan Quake Map contribution
Paul Nicholls

Nuclear Poo video contribution
Anonymous (via Hachiya Kazuhiko)

Mr. Yuji Kikuchi

Planning support and guidance
Yuko Ikegami Lee

Alumni Contributors
Maho Harada

Social Media Archives
Kozue Matsumoto
Brad Morrison

Kozue Matsumoto

Student Contributors
Newspaper Archives Research
Nathen Clerici

Display Assistance
Yuki Ohsawa

Print Archives
UBC Japan Association

Gideon Fujiwara, PhD Candidate, Asian Studies Department
Hidemi Shiga, PhD Candidate, Asian Studies Department

Faculty Contributors
John O'Brian, UBC Art History and Visual Art Department

Handwritten Newspaper Caption Content
Anne Commons, University of Alberta Department of East Asian Studies
Christina Laffin, UBC Asian Studies Department

Christina Laffin, UBC Asian Studies Department
David Edgington, UBC Geography Department

UBC Library Co-Sponsors
Asian Library
Eleanor Yuen (Head)
Phoebe Chow
April Jin
Shaun Wang
Isabel Zhang

Library Administration
Leonora Crema (Client Services & Programs)
Simon Neame (Irving K. Barber Learning Centre)
Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez (Collections Management)

Rare Books & Special Collections
Ralph Stanton (Head)
Felicia de la Parra
Jaimie Miller

UBC Library Colleagues
Art + Architecture + Planning
Vanessa Kam & Kevin Madill

Communications & Marketing
Glenn Drexhage & Jessica Woolman

Mahmoud Moulay & Richard Moore

Fe Lubigan
Sara McGillivray

Library Systems & Information Technology
Brad Clements
Garry Der

Science & Engineering
Aleteia Greenwood & Zoey Peterson

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