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The following page provides step-by-step formatting/technical instructions for setting up a thesis framework in Word 2007. By following these instructions and setting up a framework *before you begin writing* your thesis, you will avoid common formatting issues that can cause stress and headaches later on!

Introductory Pages

To begin formatting your thesis document, create a Title Page, Abstract Page and any other pages that you may need later to create your Introductory Pages. These pages can simply be blank placeholders, but are important to include from the outset as they impact the page numbering and table of contents set up in the steps below. The second section you will create by making a Section Break will be called the Body of the Thesis.

Page Numbering

Step 1: Move the cursor to the last page of your Introductory Pages, then select, Page Layout -> Breaks -> Section Break (Next Page)

Insert break 2007.jpg

Step 2: Select any page in your Introductory Pages, then go to the tool bar, Insert -> Footer -> Edit Footer

Set footer 2007.jpg

Step 3: Under the Design Tab, go to Page Number -> Format Page Numbers...

Format page number 2007.jpg

Step 4: Select Roman Numerals "i, ii, iii..." for the correct Introduction Number Format -> Choose "Continue from previous section -> OK

Intro page 2007.jpg

Step 5: To remove the Numbering from your Title page, move the cursor to the header/footer -> then, Under the DESIGN tab, check "Different first page"

Diff first page 2007.jpg

Step 6: Notice the addition of "First Page header/footer" is now present.

Diff first page result 2007.jpg

Step 7: Move the cursor to the Header/footer of the last of your introductory pages, then, Under DESIGN tab-> select Page number -> bottom/top of the page -> Plain Number 3

Insert page number 2007.jpg

Step 8: Go to the footer/header of your Body Pages (after your Section Break), then select Design -> de-highlight "Link to Previous"

Footer unlink 2007.jpg

Step 9: Notice the "Same as Previous" tag is removed.

Unlink result 2007.jpg

Step 10: Under the Design Tab, go to Page Number -> Format Page Numbers...

Format page number 2007.jpg

Step 11: select "1, 2, 3..." for Number Format for the Body of the Thesis -> then choose "Start at..." and enter '1'

Body page 2007.jpg

Step 12: Make sure your cursor is on one of your Body Pages, then go to Page Number (Under DESIGN tab) -> bottom/top of the page -> Plain Number 3

Insert page number 2007.jpg

Table of Contents

Step 1: Go to References -> Table of Contents -> select a template or click "Insert Table of Contents..." to modify its feature

Insert content 2007.jpg

Step 2: This is what you should see:

No content 2007.jpg

Step 3: Highlight your title and choose the heading style for it (Heading 1 will be the Top Level, e.g. Abstract, List of Tables, Chapter Title. Heading 2 will indent once, Heading 3 will indent more...etc)

Heading style 2007.jpg

Step 4: Select the Table of Contents, click "Update Table" on the top-left corner

Update content 2007.jpg

Step 5: Voila, Now we have every title updated! No more manual Table of Contents!

Content result 2007.jpg

List of Tables/Figures

Step 1: Go to References -> Insert Table of Figures

Insert figure 2007.jpg

Step 2: For the Caption Label, choose "Table" if creating a "List of Table", select "Figure" if creating a "List of Figure".

Set figure 2003.jpg

Step 3: This is what you should see

No figure 2007.jpg

Step 4: Select your Table/Figure then, References -> Insert Caption...

Insert caption 2007.jpg

Step 5: Select the type of label (Table or Figure), and you can choose where the caption should appear; then type in the caption you want -> OK

Set caption 2007.jpg

Step 6: Right Click on the List of Table/Figure -> Update Field

Update figure 2007.jpg

Step 7: Now we have every table or figure updated here! (The demo shown is List of Tables)

Figure result 2007.jpg